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The Hottest Rides and Gearhead Photos from Instagram (#BrassEra) – October 2017

Ford Model T Grille and Headlight, Brass Era

(Image/Instagram – @carshowsafari)

On Oct. 1, 1908, the first Ford Model T was sold to the public. The rest, as they say, is history.

But while the Model T ushered in several innovations, Henry Ford’s iconic motorcar would eventually mark the end of an era—the “Brass Era” to be exact.

Most historic car aficionados agree that the automobile’s Brass Era stretched from the late 19th century up until World War I. It was a period where auto manufacturers worked to refine the idea of “horseless carriages.”

As the Brass Era evolved, older cars (including steam- and electric-powered vehicles) were surpassed by more technologically-advanced models. In less than two decades, these early automobiles became virtually obsolete.

One by one, production stopped on cars like the Mercer Raceabout, Stanley Steamer, and Stutz Bearcat. In its final year, 1927, the Model T was one of the last holdouts of the Brass Era.

So, in honor of the Model T’s October introduction, we used #BrassEra as a filter in our latest Instagram search.

Our selections might be based on photos we liked, stories that moved or amused us, or maybe just because we liked the Brass-Era carriages in the photo. It’s a chance for you to see some vehicles that you don’t typically see from OnAllCylinders, and they may inspire you to find one for your garage.

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Mechanical Beauty #oldcarfestival #brassera #automotivehistory #detroit #michigan

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Shines ’09 Pierce #hersheyfallmeet #hersheycarshow #1909pierce #piercearrow #steampunk #brassera

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Back to brass! #Classic #Ford #BrassEra #Vintage #Beauty #ClassicCars #Cars #CarShow

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Beuautiful day for a car show. #cruiseforacure #modelT #1915 #1922 #vintagecars #brassera #brampton

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1924 Bentley owned by Dick Tilden, I see this wonderful car at several events each year

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#misslewood #concoursdelegance #brassera #brasseracar #greengrass #brass #cars #car

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