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Parts Bin: QuickJack Vehicle Lifts

QuickJack Portable Garage Lift Ford

(All Images/QuickJack)

Think putting a vehicle lift in your home garage is a pipe dream?

Think again, friend.

QuickJack Vehicle Lifts are plenty strong enough for most cars and pickup trucks, yet will fold up and store neatly out of the way when you’re done with it.

Better still, they’re portable, so you can take them with you to the track or trail.

You can set up and operate a QuickJack Vehicle Lift in a matter of minutes, which is usually way less time than it takes to jack up each corner and position four individual jack stands.

QuickJack Car Lift Jeep JK

There are several QuickJack models available. Select yours based on the weight/size of your vehicle. Portable models are powered off of the vehicle’s battery.

QuickJacks use hydraulics to quickly and effortlessly raise the vehicle. They run on standard household AC power or can be powered off of your vehicle’s own 12-volt battery.

Once raised, the lift arms lock into place and you can safely work underneath the vehicle.

QuickJacks are chassis (frame) lifts, which makes them ideal for working on the suspension or brakes, changing tires, replacing exhaust components—basically any job that requires you to remove a wheel or slide underneath the vehicle.

When you’re done, simply lower the lift, disassemble the QuickJacks, and store them along a wall or underneath a workbench.

Oh, and the price? A heck of a lot cheaper than installing a permanent two- or four-post lift.

Professional racers dig Quick Jack Vehicle Lifts, too. Check out these driver interviews from a Global RallyCross event.

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  1. ronald lovejoy says:

    how heavy are these lift rated for i have a 6000 lbs hearse ??

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