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Video: ‘The Grand Tour’ Co-Host Richard Hammond Survives Fiery Crash While Filming


The charred remains of the Rimac electric supercar in volved in Richard Hammond’s wreck over the weekend. (Image/

If you haven’t heard, Richard Hammond (of Top Gear fame) narrowly escaped a fiery wreck over the weekend that occured with him behind the wheel of an electric supercar while filming an upcoming episode of Amazon’s The Grand Tour in Switzerland.

Hammond lost control on a hairy left turn after completing the Hemburg Hill Climb, and the car skidded off the road before tumbling down a steep hillside. He reportedly escaped the wrecked car on his own before it burst into flames.

Rimac Concept One’s normally look like this. (Image/HD Wallpapers)

Before becoming a pile of charred metal, the car was a Rimac Concept One, a 1,200-horsepower all-electric supercar made by Rimac Automobili in Croatia.

For perspective, Hammond’s long-time friend and television co-host Jeremy Clarkson called it the biggest and most frightening crash he’d ever witnessed.

We share Clarkson’s gratitude that Hammond is walking away from this in mostly one piece, suffering only a fractured knee and perhaps some verbal abuse from his friends and fans.

You can see the car go off the road in the video below, but not the ensuing fire which was reportedly significant.

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  1. TopGear Fan says:

    why are people so fucking awful at taking videos? Zoom out and pan slowly. We don’t want to see the whites of the driver’s eyes.

  2. AnalogDan Wilson says:

    Despite Mr. Clarksons arrogant demeanor coupled with his abrasive personality, he does seem to be a true automotive enthusiast like myself and that’s enough reason to hope he fully recovers and can resume his role in the automotive media.

    I was totally shocked by reading this article. I had no idea that a country like Croatia was capable of building automobiles ! Especially a high end electric performance vehicle. The news media naturally reports everything bad in the world and left me with the impression that Croatia is just another third world trailer park…..that apparently builds cars now

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