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Stocking Stuff: 9 Cool Stocking Stuffers for Automotive Enthusiasts


Congratulations, overachiever — your Christmas shopping is finished!

Or is it?

If you’re like us, the stocking stuffers tend to be an afterthought. Luckily they don’t have to look like they were an afterthought this year, because we’ve assembled a list of thoughtful stocking-stuffer ideas for the mechanical-minded.

Read, shop, and commence stuffing with these Christmas stocking goodies:

Scrapyard Collectibles


Fill their stockings with — junk.

Scrapyard collectibles, like the Scrapyard Dog shown here, are made from pieces of automotive parts and assorted materials — spark plugs, ball bearings, nuts, bolts, etc. You know…junk. But this junk has been turned into unique, Fred Sanford-inspired sculptures that any true gearhead will appreciate.

Shift Knob Bottle Stoppers


Do you sometimes go looking for holiday cheer at the bottom of a bottle?

We won’t judge, especially if you use these shift knob bottle stoppers to keep things fresh. The three-piece set will look perfect in your favorite gearhead’s stocking on Christmas morning and make a great conversation kickstarter at Christmas dinner — at least until the wine kicks in.

Tire Coin Dish


Since loose change is often all we have left after holiday bills arrive, we figure this tire coin dish is a useful item.

We’d appreciate it, so we’re guessing like-minded car folks would love it also.

Key Chains


It doesn’t get any easier than this.

We counted no less than 115 different key chains on Summit Racing’s website. That basically means there’s something for everyone, including all the discerning drivers on your shopping list.

Performance Tool Multi-Tool


This handy tool comes with everything needed to help your loved ones channel their inner-MacGyver — pliers, knife, file screwdriver, bottle opener, and more. That’s almost everything needed to diffuse a bomb and fashion a crude rocket launcher.

Tire Coaster Set


A ring makes a great Christmas gift.

Rings on the tops of your end tables? Not so much.

Give your loved ones some added incentive to use coasters under their drinks with these great-looking tire coasters.



It’s pretty simple: You can’t have enough lanyards for IDs, credentials, pit passes, and whatnot.

Performance Tool Mechanic’s Gloves


A good set of shop gloves is a mechanic’s best friend.

Performance Tool mechanic’s gloves are comfortable, breathable, and have a reinforced saddle and thumb for durability. Plus, a polyurethane-coated palm offers an improved grip when holding tools and small parts.

Decals and Stickers


Who doesn’t like decals or stickers?

We’re not talking about stick families or honor student bumper stickers. We’re talking car guy stickers — stickers and decals that go on a tool box, beer fridge, or race car. Stickers that any self-respecting gearhead would love to own.

Buy a pack for your entire stick family. They’ll love ’em.

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