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Photo Gallery: Happy 50th, Pontiac GTO


In 1964, General Motor’s performance division gave birth to the Pontiac GTO, the vehicle most automotive enthusiasts credit as the first true muscle car.

The GTO earned the nickname “the Goat” from a bunch of smarties who may or may not have meant it as the capitalized acronym sports enthusiasts use to mean “Greatest Of All Time.”

The first of anything legendary deserves respect.

The first American muscle car deserves reverence.

So today, Pontiac GTO, we salute you.


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  1. My brother- in-law had a 1967 G T O ram air 4 he drag raced it 3 yrs he sold it . the young man redid it and they are friends to this day His name is Denny Klingler from Ohio His car is as great as he is. Oh best in 67 was 1299

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