1. It would be nice for Summit to support some modern muscle in the galleries and picks!


  3. Bob Gonzalez says:

    Matt we have a few cars we built buying parts from Summit in the six figures. 1964 GTO Pro Street. 1987 X Bodied Mustang Pro Street. A numbers matching 1970 440 Six Pac (N96) 4 speed w Dana 60 trac loc. 1968 GTX RS 23 J code Hemi 4 speed w dana 60 3.54 trac loc. Date code correct.
    we would like to submit for fans appreciation.

  4. The Yenko Clone is leaving hard. That’s my pick

  5. Kathys 73 ‘Cuda 🙂

  6. Brian shute says:

    I love the El Camino

  7. Panfilo Cerrillo says:

    Jorge’s 66 is really classy

  8. Chris’ 69 Chevy Nova

  9. Aram 71 Nova Yenko Tribute!

  10. Don’s 67 Camaro is hands down the best from April.

  11. Kathys Black max!!!!!

  12. My vote is for Kathy’s 72 ‘Cuda, it looks very much like how I want my 73 Charger to look when I’m done with her

  13. My vote is for Jeff’s ’72 Cuda. It looks great dressed in yellow and is the perfect choice for the winning machine, for spring.

  14. Jeff’s 1972 Plymouth Barracuda all the way. 🙂

  15. Leslie Robertson says:

    Aram’s 71 Nova Yenko Tribute

  16. Arams 71, sweeeett Ride. Come a long way

  17. Ben odrill says:

    Arams nova

  18. Eddie lopez says:

    Yenco nova all the way buddyyyyy.

  19. Diane Branham says:

    No doubt about it…Aram’s ’71 Nova Yenko Tribute!! Awesome car and great people!

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