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Video 101: How to Install a Timing Chain


They say timing is everything.

But it’s particularly important when building your engine. Watch this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video and learn how to install a timing chain and gear set. In this video, the crew at Summit Racing is using a small-block Chevy, but know that a timing set installation in a small-block Ford is a nearly identical process.

Be sure to check out this post to learn how to choose the right timing set for your vehicle.



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  1. Ryne Terao says:

    Aloha from Hawaii,
    My name is Ryne Terao and I’m the new auto shop teacher @ Kapaa High School. I the “quick flicks” videos you have set up on your web site to enhance some of my lectures for my syudents. Do you work with other high schools to support education? In the state of Hawaii, I would need written permission to use your videos in my class. Can you find out from management if its okay to use your information video and send me an email so I have a record that you have given me permission to use your “How to” videos. My email is:

    Mahalo (thank you) for supporting education.
    Ryne Terao
    Automotive instructor
    Kapaa High School

  2. ken sampson says:

    hello i have went through 2 engines now because of a thrust bearing issue i have changed transmissions and torque converters with anti balloon plates i went to a larger trans cooler and lines but still the thrust failed . yes i have 3 different grounding points as well this time we got 150 miles out of the engine desperately need some advice here

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