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Bottle Basics: Nitrous Baseline Tuning Recommendations for NOS Systems


In a recent Monday Mailbag post (2/17/2014), we responded to a question about choosing a nitrous oxide system.

Although nitrous oxide is a rather simple concept, tuning your engine to take advantage of the extra power potential can be a little involved, especially when you get into the high-horsepower or multiple-jet nitrous kits. Fortunately, the gurus at NOS have assembled some baseline tuning recommendations for some of their kits.

These recommendations are based on horsepower level and include nitrous and fuel jet sizes, fuel and timing requirements, and spark plug heat ranges. In this go-around, we’ll share the NOS secrets to making the most of its Super Powershot, Cheater (like the one recommended in the Monday Mailbag post), and Dual Shot Cheater systems.

Click on the image below for the details:


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