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How to Choose a Mallory Distributor


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Mallory Ignition is a longtime leader in the development and manufacture of performance automotive distributors.

It’s a family of product that has continued to grow and evolve over the years.

Let’s take a look at the Mallory distributor portfolio and what the experts at Mallory recommend for how to choose the best distributor for your particular vehicle application.

One of your first decisions will be whether to get a distributor with a vacuum advance, or one with a mechanical advance. As a general rule, a vacuum advance is typically better for street performance and cruising rpm. A mechanical advance is preferable for drag racing and other high-rpm applications.

Types of Mallory Distributors

Breaker Point (23, 24, 25, 26, 27)

Choose these if: You’re a hot rodder who prefers a classic mechanical points-style distributor.

Old-school, classic, awesome. Mallory’s dual-point distributors feature an adjustable mechanical advance and self-lubricating bushings designed to provide you many years of trouble-free service. The 27 series gives you even more control with an adjustable vacuum advance. Dual-point distributors come ready to run, but if you want to add even more power, Mallory suggests adding one of the company’s HyFire ignition boxes.

Magnetic Breakerless (42, 50, 57)

Choose this if: You’re a competitive racer or want to maximize street performance.

These magnetic breakerless distributors use a magnetic pickup and module to trigger your timing with an adjustable mechanical advance and an easy three-wire hookup. The 57 series includes an adjustable vacuum advance. These distributors require a high performance coil.

mallory uniliteUnilite (37, 38, 45, 47)

Choose this if: You’re a competitive racer or want to maximize street performance.

Mallory’s Unilite electronic distributors incorporate a one-piece, self-contained optical pickup and module with infrared technology. The 37, 38, and 45 series feature adjustable mechanical advance, simple three-wire hookup and can be used with a high performance coil or with added power from a HyFire CD ignition box. The 47 series includes an adjustable vacuum advance.

HEI (75, 85)

Choose this if: You’re a competitive racer or want to maximize street performance.

Mallory’s HEI distributors are based on GM’s four-pin HEI, with the ignition coil in the cap and a simple one-wire hookup. Both the 75 and 85 series are ready to run and include a vacuum advance. The 75 series includes Mallory’s high output module with built-in digital rev limiter.

mallory magnetic pickup 84 seriesMagnetic Pickup Two-Wire (32, 66, 81, 84)

Choose this if: You’re a competitive circle track or drag racer.

Magnetic Pickup two-wire distributors have a range of performance competition options. The Comp S/S 32 series distributors have a ball bearing upper and bushing lower for maximum stability at any RPM. For circle track racers, we have our CT 66 series distributors. These low-profile CNC machined 6061-T6 billet aluminum housed distributors feature dual magnetic triggers designed for use with CT Pro and HyFire CD ignition boxes, locked advance for rock solid timing and our lower bushing for stabilization throughout the rpm range. The Billet Competition 84 series single magnetic pickup distributors have an adjustable mechanical advance curve, factory set for racing at 20 degrees at 2,500 rpm. A locked out mechanical advance is also available. Get all the benefits of the 84 series, but with a dual magnetic pickup, by using a DMP 81 series distributor. All of our magnetic pickup two-wire distributors require a capacitive discharge ignition box, such as a HyFire or CT Pro.

Hall Effect (12, 22)

Choose this if: You’re a competitive racer or want to maximize street performance with built-in rev limiting and to boost proportional retard.

Mallory’s Hall Effect distributors are all electronic and feature built-in rpm limiter and vacuum-based advance curves. These are ready to run distributors that don’t require an ignition box. Mallory offers two lines of Hall Effect distributors, E-Fire 22 series and Max-Fire 12 Series. The Max-Fire distributors feature microprocessor-controlled multi-spark digital capacitive discharge.

Dual Sync Sensor (77)

Choose this if: You want to convert a single-coil setup to a coil-per-plug setup.

Mallory’s FireStorm Dual Sync Sensors generate two signals—one for crank and one for cam. This makes it so you can convert your conventional single-coil setup to a coil-per-plug setup. This will give you individual timing control when using Mallory’s FireStorm ignition boxes.

mallory aftermarket fuel injectionAftermarket Fuel Injection (61, 95)

Choose this if: Your car has an aftermarket fuel injection system.

Mallory makes high performance specialty distributors for aftermarket fuel injection systems, like their distributors made for Edelbrock systems.

Front Drive or Crank Trigger (20, 65)

Choose this if: You’re a hardcore racer who needs dead-on timing.

Mallory’s Front Drive 20 series and Crank Trigger 65 series must be used with a crank trigger wheel and HyFire CD ignition box. These distributors are designed for professional competition with the most accurate timing possible based off the crank.



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