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Draft Your Dream Cars, NFL-Style


We love more than just cars around here. And we suspect at least a handful of you do too.

The NFL Draft is upon us—the event that brings hope to fans of flailing football franchises and, hopefully adds cornerstone pieces to build championship-caliber football teams.

How does this relate to cars? We’re so glad you asked.

Ever think about building a dream car collection? Yeah, so do we.

Which begs the question:

If you were to draft ONE car as the foundation for your world-class car collection (money is no object), what would you pick?

We have the luxury of throwing out some suggestions and not committing to just one. Here are five incredible cars we consider top candidates for the role:

1932 Ford Coupe

1932 Ford Coupe

This is the car that started the American hot-rodding movement. You have to at least consider it, right? Of course you do, Chevy fan. Of course you do. Little deuce coupe, you don’t know what I’ve got. Or something like that.

1955 Chevy

1955 Chevy

All of the Tri5s are amazing cars. And we do have a soft spot for the ’56, which is sort of the Godfather II to the 1955 model’s Godfather. But are you really going to sit there and tell us that the sequel is better than the original? Mr. Corleone does not approve.

1970 Dodge Challenger

1970 Dodge Challenger

Like the aforementioned Tri5s, you could get away with picking a lot of different Mopars as your first-round draft pick. But in the end, we’re not inclined to ignore this classic beauty. You Vanishing Point fans know what we’re talking about.

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500

1967 Shelby GT500

Say what you want about the Nic Cage version of Gone in Sixty Seconds, but that movie did a bang-up job of reintroducing Eleanor in all her glory to a younger generation of automotive fans. We feel reasonably confident we could find girlfriends if we had one of these.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette (split window)

1963 Chevy Corvette split window

If you’re a Corvette fan sensible human being, you’re sort of obligated to love this. 1963 brought the introduction of the C2—our favorite Corvette generation. And there aren’t that many of the split windows running around these days. Scarcity, combined with the next-level sexiness of the body style, puts this head turner firmly in our pool of first-round candidates.

So, what say you? Did we nail five blue chippers, or do you think we have a JaMarcus Russell or Lawrence Phillips in the bunch?

Let us know and tell us your must-have cars for your dream collection!



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    4 of the bestcars on theroad

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